Course Sessions

Meaning of Life
What is the meaning of life? What question are we even asking? Is there even a meaning of life? This session tackles the big questions head on. Is the meaning of life objective or subjective? How do we work out what it is? Is being a happy nihilist fine?

Unweaving the Rainbow
Does understanding the natural world reduce the beauty of it? Or does it enhance it? What is truth and beauty? Is there a connection between them?

What is good and bad? Right and wrong? Good and evil? Is morality subjective or objective? Why should we lead moral lives? What does it mean to lead moral lives? How do we even know if what we are doing is moral or not?

Applied Ethics
Ethics is far from an abstract concept. It is something we have to deal with every day. From whether to buy fair trade products to helping out friends (or probably more of an ethical decision - helping out enemies!). What is the implications of morality on our lives?

Science & Critical Thinking
What is science? What is the scientific method? What is critical thinking? How do you think critically? Why is it important to question everything? What happens when you don't question things?

Freedom of Expression
What does it mean to have freedom of expression? How far does it go, what are the limits to it? Why is it important to have freedom of expression? How far should those writes be extended? What is the link between freedom of expression and critical thinking?

What is Humanism? What do Humanists believe, indeed is there even a set belief system for Humanists? WHy would someone call themselves a Huanist? What does it mean to be a Humanist?

This session provides a conclusion to the course. We discussed what we have learned and what implications the topics we have covered have had on our lives. Attending all of the previous sessions is not necessary as each topic will be re-capped.
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