What is it?

One Life is an exciting course about life, the universe and well, everything really. It tackles the big questions in life - why are we here, how should we live our lives, what is moral and what is immoral and what should we believe, all from a secular perspective. We're going in search of answers without a god.

The course set out to provide answers to those without specific religious beliefs. It is often a criticism of Atheism that there isn't anything to it (which is in many ways true) and that we are not really offering anything - One Life is here to show that life as an Atheist is in fact even more deep and meaningful than a religious life.

The course does not focus on religion and trys to avoid being any way anti-religious. Religion simply isn't on the discussion board - we're looking for answers regardless of religion rather than as opposed to it.

One Life has designed to be delivered in an 8 part weekly course covering a different topic each week. It was originally developed for the Leeds Atheist Society and is now freely available to be used by any other group who wishes to make use of it. Find out more.

The course covers the meaning of life, truth & beauty, ethics, applied ethics, science & critical thinking, freedom of expression, Humanism and a concluding session. You can find full information on the topics on the course sessions and course materials pages.
A Chris Worfolk Foundation Initiative